Popcorn new health food

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  • Why we should all be munching more popcorn

    Popcorn could become the new health food after scientists discovered it may protect against a digestive disease, known as diverticulitis.

    Never needing an excuse for the guilty movie snack, the findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, revealed that those who snack on popcorn are 28% less likely to suffer from the bowel problem, which involves the formation of ‘pouches’ on the outside of the colon which can become infected and inflamed.

    A study following the dietary habits of over 47,000 men indicated that the cinema snack significantly reduces the chance of suffering from the disease.

    Apparently one indicator that popcorn is the new wonder snack is down to one nutrient within the corn called lutein, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Although antibiotics can clear up the disease, we can’t help jumping on this breakthrough news and will be going for a jumbo bucket on our next trip to the cinema…

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