Millions eating healthy foods they hate

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  • Liver and spinach - just two of the things we force ourselves to eat

    One in three people force themselves to eat foods they can’t stand in an attempt to be healthy, new research reveals.

    Liver, lentils, spinach and even the divisive love-it-or-hate-it snack Marmite are all foods we detest, but continue to eat in hope of reaping the health benefits.

    In a lifetime people eat over 4,000 portions of grub they dislike in order to improve their health.

    Spinach, oily fish and brown bread topped the list of gag-worthy food, followed closely by broccoli, Brussel sprouts, lentils, muesli, liver, mushrooms and onions.

    ‘We are all aware that some foods are better for us than others but I’m astonished at the amount of people forcing themselves to eat food they don’t like, especially when it doesn’t have to be this way,’ nutritionist Priya Tew told The Telegraph.

    ‘With a little bit of research you can usually find an alternative food to provide the nutrients you need – for example, beef or dried apricots are a great source of iron instead of forcing yourself to eat spinach.

    ‘You can even sneak some foods in you’d like to eat for their health benefits but don’t like the taste of without realising it – for example, spaghetti bolognaise makes a great cover for carrots and celery.’

    There are some foods, however, that people refuse to eat despite being well aware of their health benefits.

    In the Tesco poll of 1,000 shoppers, it was found that half of Britons won’t touch sushi and 30% can’t even think about munching on avocados.

    It’s hard work being healthy, eh!


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