Broccoli reduces heart attack risk

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  • Broccoli helps to reduce the risk of heart attack, new study shows

    Broccoli has had its super food status boosted, as a new study has revealed it could reduce the risk of heart attacks.

    Scientists have found that eating steamed broccoli could contribute to a lower risk of heart attacks, and even some forms of cancer, due to antioxidants that the vegetable contains that help to fight free radicals.

    Published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, the study monitored the effects of feeding steamed broccoli to rats over a period of one month. The results were then compared to rats who had not been fed the vegetable, and those that had were found to have better heart function, which showed less damage if deprived of oxygen.

    Prof Dipak Das, who led the study at the University of Connecticut, believed the improved heart function was a direct result of the broccoli. He commented, ‘We are increasingly finding that ‘redox proteins’, which counter the effects of oxidisation, have an important role in the body’s defence against heart disease.

    He added that the method of cooking was vital though, ‘if broccoli is over-cooked it loses a lot of its protective effect.’

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