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In our new series, Marie Claire’s beauty and style director writes about the self-care products, rituals and routines that work for her, alongside inspirations from the beauty industry. She reveals her go-to products and daily routines from energising morning rituals to restorative evening practices that promote both outer beauty and inner wellness. The series also explores the beauty industry's latest trends, sustainable brands, and the push towards inclusivity. 

Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream

Designed to blend seamlessly into any modern makeup routine, this multi-use CC Color Correcting Cream is your go-to for medium coverage with a natural glow. With SPF 20, it not only enhances the complexion but also nourishes and protects, ensuring hydration while minimising redness, dark circles, and pigmentation. Available in ten shades, it's suitable for all skin types. How to use: after your skincare routine, apply a sheer layer starting from the centre of your face, blending outward with fingers, a brush, or a sponge. Allow the hydrating formula to adapt to your true skin tone, building coverage as needed.

By Sarah Maven Daily Moisturiser

For those with sensitive skin like me, finding the right moisturiser can be a challenge. This Cosmos Organic certified moisturiser is designed to be kind to delicate skin, and is completely free from fragrances and essential oils, which are often the culprits when it comes to irritation and allergic reactions. It's enriched with a potent prebiotic complex, vitamin E, and calming chamomile to enhance skin resilience. Luxurious yet gentle ingredients like squalane, mango butter, apricot, and jojoba oil work together to nourish the skin's barrier. Its clinically-proven formula hydrates for eight hours and includes powerhouse ingredients like prebiotic Inulin, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamins C and E to soothe, strengthen, and nourish. The lightweight texture ensures it absorbs quickly, leaving skin deeply hydrated, calmer, and visibly plumped.

Cosmoss Incense Sticks

COSMOSS Incense Sticks are infused with the addictive COSMOSS Sacred Mist scent. Crafted by homeopath and alchemist Victoria Young in collaboration with Kate Moss, each stick releases a light, uplifting smoke, enveloping surroundings in a calming scent. Made with mood-boosting aromatic botanicals, they're a perfect addition to any wellness routine, promoting peace for both your soul and senses. I use during my at home Sunday yoga session. 

Tata Harper x Sky High Farms Nourishing Hand Cream

A collaboration that blends luxurious skincare with a mission for good; every penny from every purchase goes to fighting food insecurity through Sky High Farms' initiatives in New York’s Hudson Valley. What makes this hand cream a must-have? It's packed with the purest farm-grown ingredients from Vermont, it's ethically sourced and cruelty-free and the skin-soothing magic of cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and anti-inflammatory wild pansy extract, plus in the mix is a lush blend of natural butters and a hint of calming lavender, chamomile, and lemon myrtle. It’s not just good for your skin—it’s good for the soul. Grab yours and contribute to a cause that nurtures communities and nourishes your skin.

Childs Farm SPF 50+ Sun Cream

Perfect for family adventures outdoors, Childs Farm's SPF 50+ sun cream offers very high protection for even the most sensitive skin. This dermatologist and paediatrician-approved formula shields against UVA and UVB rays and is water-resistant, making it a reliable choice for all ages from infants six months and up. It’s made without octocrylene to be ocean-friendly and comes in various formats, including this roll on. The packaging uses 70% post-consumer recycled plastic, is fully recyclable and is certified vegan and cruelty-free. 

Neuraé Harmonie The Serum

Meet Neuraé, Sisley's groundbreaking venture into neuroscientific skincare, which is designed to direct your senses while catering to your skin's needs. Rooted in a decade of research, Neuraé emerges from the fascinating world of research into the mind-skin connection, offering luxury skincare at a more accessible price point under a new brand that stands distinct from Sisley. Harnessing the power of neuromodulating ingredients through their pioneering NA3 Technology, Neuraé masterfully blends natural elements like red indigo and alpine skullcap extract with soothing fragrances and textures that resonate with your emotional state. Whether you're battling stress, fatigue, or sadness, this line promises to nurture both your skin and spirit. The collection includes a transformative serum and trio of moisturisers. Neuraé uses eco-friendly packaging and ethically sourced ingredients.

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Sunlit Creamy Bronzing Powder

This bronzer offers a silky, creamy texture that effortlessly glides onto your skin, thanks to micronised pigments and luxurious oils that glide on with ease. Perfect for achieving that sun-kissed radiance all year long, it doubles as a sculpting contour and an eye enhancing shadow. Available in four versatile shades, blend it with Luminous Silk Glow Blush for an extra pop of colour.

Caroline Hirons Gentle Acid Toner

Caroline Hirons’ Gentle Acid toner blends AHAs, PHA, and antioxidant-rich tropical fruit extracts to tackle hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin texture without irritation. The formula combines mandelic acid, lactic acid, and gluconolactone, reducing tyrosinase expression to minimise hyperpigmentation while offering gentle exfoliation. Additional skin-soothing and hydration-boosting actives ensures skin remains well-moisturised and comfortable. For best results, use up to three times a week, applying with a cotton pad after cleansing and pairing with SPF during the day. Skin Rocks by Caroline Hirons offers refills and uses FSC-certified, recyclable packaging, partnering with RePurpose Global to offset their plastic use.

Fischersund X 66°North Jöklalykt 30ml

I am totally captivated by the second collab between 66°North and Fischersund and the resulting fragrance "Jöklalykt." It's a breath of fresh air with a mix of recent rain, earthy vibes, wet dirt, and ancient wood, drawing its essence from the eerie beauty of Icelandic glaciers, capturing the moment when hidden earth meets crisp air. I also have a special place in my heart for their first fragrance, Útilykt, which is inspired by Icelandic nature. In it, I smell everything from the wind and sea to freshly cut grass and the headiness of being outside.


I recently tried Emface, BTL Aesthetics' groundbreaking, needle-free device promising a natural lift and enhanced skin texture. Avoiding Botox, I've aimed for a refreshed appearance, which led me to Emface. In four weekly sessions, my eyebrows lifted noticeably, and my skin felt plumper and tighter. The blend of radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation, as explained by the esteemed facialist Teresa Tarmey, targets facial muscles and skin without injections, lifting and sculpting the face subtly. The treatment, which utilises high-intensity muscle stimulating energy, was an entirely new sensation—warm, pulsating, but surprisingly soothing and pain-free. The immediate effect was smoother skin, especially around my forehead, with full results expected at 12 weeks. While Emface isn't a budget option, with the cost starting at £2,000 for a series, it's a worthy investment for those seeking a naturally effective, non-invasive alternative to traditional fillers, particularly for enhancing brows and cheeks, by stimulating collagen and elastin without the discomfort of needles.

Prices start from £600 per session

Orveda Omnipotent Concentrate

A total game-changer. It's like my skincare routine got a major upgrade, giving my old fave, Orveda’s The Vital Sap, a run for its money. The Vital Sap gives me the most radiant, and luminous skin, which can be a challenge given that mine's fairly sensitive - but The Omnipotent Concentrate is now possibly leading their lineup in my estimation, especially when considering that it streamlines the routine; this all-in-one product serves the purpose of a Vitamin C serum for morning brightness and retinol for evening rejuvenation. I also love that the brand approach marries biofermentation and plant cell culture, pushing efficacy and eco-friendly beauty forward.

John Frieda Radiance Reset treatment

I got myself sunbeam blonde hair and I’m obsessed with it - a trend that promises to lift and enhance blonde hair in a subtle way. I dropped into John Frieda on Aldford Street and first had some balayage throughout the mid lengths and ends, then the Radiance Reset treatment - a spa-like facial, but for my hair - which deeply moisturises, boosting the health of each strand and enhancing gloss - basically it hits the refresh button, making my colour shine brighter and hair scream luxury without saying a word. The treatment itself has three steps: they kick off with a deep detox to clear away any buildup, then rebalance the scalp with a mask and a fabulous Indian-inspired massage, and finally move onto some serious repair work. The end result: super soft and shiny hair. Starting at £120 plus a blow-dry, or grab a package of four for £450 at John Frieda Aldford Street or Nicola Clarke at John Frieda

Prices start from £120 

Lisa Oxenham

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Others Mystic Zingaro 50ml

In today's whirlwind lifestyle, finding peace is more crucial than ever. With 41% of adults reporting high stress in 2021 and a quarter of people in the UK facing mental health challenges, the potential power of scent and sound to soothe our minds is well worth paying attention to. Keelan Doyle, co-founder of Øthers, has tapped into this with their science-driven fragrances (and an app aimed at enhancing well-being). Scent in particular is a potent tool because it is closely connected with our limbic system, the emotional centre of our brain. Of the two new fragrances, my favourite is Mystic Zingaro, which aims to induce a relaxed state. It's akin to a forest of resins and woods, with a subtle hint of incense in the background. What sets Øthers apart is its team of experts - olfactory specialists, neuroscientists, breath-work advocates, music producers, and philosophers. Their app combines the benefits of the scent with sound, technology, and science to biomechanically restore balance. 

Dior Inside The Dream

Dive into the heart of luxury fragrance creation with "Inside the Dream," a captivating documentary that takes you behind the scenes at Dior with Francis Kurkdjian, the mastermind behind the iconic J’adore scent. This film is an intimate look into the meticulous art of perfume making, with inspiration drawn from the flower fields of Grasse and India to the final touches that define Dior's olfactory signature. Witness the collaborative spirit of visionaries like Charlize Theron and Dior's creative talents, all united in crafting a fragrance that epitomises beauty and innovation. Directed by Matthieu Menu, this 62-minute journey reveals the challenges, breakthroughs, and sheer passion behind reinventing a legendary scent. From Paris to Los Angeles, this is a year-long voyage across the globe, celebrating the creation of a fragrance that's more than a scent—it's an emblem of luxury, a tribute to craftsmanship, and a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection. Available on Prime Video

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Eyeam Hormone Check Drops

This month I’ve stumbled upon a fascinating wellness brand that marries traditional herbal knowledge with modern nutritional science. Eyeam, co-founded by Roxy and Margo Marrone, stands out with their holistic approach to wellness, focusing on the integration of mind, body, and spirit through nature, science, rituals, and affirmations. Their Hormone Check Drops, £29, are formulated to address a variety of health concerns by leveraging the properties of several potent natural ingredients like milk thistle, agnus castus, chlorophyll, neem, and melissa, with the overall goal of hormone balance, stress reduction, and mind support. I love the philosophy behind Eyeam, which focuses on changing internal dialogue and practicing self-love to transform life, and advocates for a more integrated approach to health, recognising the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Lisa Oxenham

An award-winning health and beauty writer, stylist and creative director, Lisa Oxenham is one of the UK’s top beauty editors and the Beauty and Style Director at Marie Claire UK. With 20 years of editorial experience Lisa is a brand partnership expert, and a popular speaker, panelist and interviewer on a range of topics from sustainability to the future of beauty in the digital world. She recently spoke at Cognition X and Beauty Tech Live and is on the Advisory Board for the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition.

A well-respected creative director she works on celebrity, model and influencer shoots with the highest calibre of photographers, filmmakers, make-up artists and hairstylists to create timeless images, attention-grabbing videos, digital events and masterclasses. Most recently Lisa has directed covers such as Lily Cole and Jameela Jamil, films such as Save The Arts featuring Francesca Hayward and sustainable fashion shoots such as Be The Change. Supporting the beauty industry over the pandemic has been a top focus, directing the British Beauty Council’s six inspirational short biographical films for their Bring Back Beauty campaign.

Lisa is a wellbeing and beauty influencer with a focus on mental health and a large and engaged audience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.