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BEST IN BEAUTY: The best bronzers for a natural all-year-round glow

Just because you have fair skin doesn't mean you can't get a summer glow

The best bronzers can lift a face within seconds. If you are tired, pale or just generally feeling a little shitty a good application of bronzer has the ability to transform. But make sure you get it right. It can be tricky to find the best bronzer – there’s a chance you could get it very wrong and end up looking like a cast member of TOWIE. A lot of factors have to be taken into account. Whether you want shimmer or not. Does a red undertone suit your skin tone. And your skin type – dry, combination or oily. All of these things will effect how your bronzer looks on the skin. Thank goodness we’re here to help…

Best bronzers for pale skin

You might think a bronzer on pale skin will look too garish, but there’s a whole host of new products on the market that are catered for lighter skin tones. The key is to go no more than one or two shades darker than your natural complexion. You should also choose a formula with pink, peachy or golden undertones. The result? Skin that looks sun-kissed rather than an odd shade of orange.

Best bronzers for medium and olive skin

For those of you with warmer skin tones you’re in luck, because you can choose to go subtle with your bronzer or really pack it on. Be wary of formulas that are too shimmery though, as this can make you look washed out. If you want a touch of shimmer, make sure the particles are super fine. If you’ve got olive undertones, try copper shades. And if you’ve got yellow undertones, go with more golden and peachy options.

Best bronzers for darker skin

Deeper skin tones can benefit from the best bronzer too. Go for ones with reddish copper tones – Glossier’s new Cloud Paint shade Dawn works beautiful on black skin – and gold-flecked brown formulas. They’ll illuminate your skin while giving it a subtle sculpt.

Speaking of sculpting – the best contour kits are perfect for creating that defined contoured look – but if you prefer something a little more subtle, try adding contour with a light shade of bronzer.

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