The awkward bob is set to be *the* hairstyle for spring—here's all the inspo you need

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When it comes to this year's hair trends, the bob hairstyle reigns supreme. Although Hailey Bieber's blunt bob took the internet by storm, it seems that there is a new way to wear the popular hairstyle, and we're totally here for it. Say hello to the awkward bob.

Joel Goncalves, senior stylist at Nicola Clarke, a John Frieda salon, is the master of this haircut. According to Goncalves, this hairstyle is all about being a bit unbalanced. It's not about having perfect locks, it's about making the bob work for you.

"I've found that while the bob haircut has been making a strong statement, clients aren't aware of how diverse it can be. So many different shapes, styles and textures can be achieved. Usually the one look that they opt for becomes their hair uniform, but it's actually a very flexible hairstyle with lots of styling options."

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How to find the right bob for you

As the awkward bob is all down to the individual, it's important to know how to make it work for you. Goncalves recommends working with your hairdresser to identify the best bob haircut in relation to your hair texture and your face shape.

"A great bob should never over power the wearer themselves, it should be an addition to their overall look. The client should always wear the haircut but the haircut should never wear the client, no matter how amazing it is."

It's important to remember that everyone is unique and one size does not fit all, so use the above tips in order to figure out the finer details, such as whether you want a wispy fringe or no fringe at all. Always discuss and think about the most optimal look that works for you.

How to style an awkward bob

So, once you've figured that out, how can you style your new bob at home? "The awkward bob needs to be air dried, diffused naturally or rough dried to create a lived in base," says Goncalves. "Embracing your own natural texture is the way to go. If a product is needed, these are my favourite which allow you to air dry your hair and also are great finishing products. Any Sam McKnight products work really well, the mousse, cool girl spray and defrizz crème are made for these cuts. I also love the Virtue mousse or crème."

Depending on the desired finish, Goncalves also recommends creating the 'awkward' texture when the hair is dry. "You can use irons to create a wave to the front area without carrying it through. My favourite technique is to use heated rollers and randomly place them through the hair but not neat. Only leave them in for a couple of minutes, giving you a barely there wave."

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about the awkward bob. Will you be giving it a go?

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