Introducing our ultimate fragrance Christmas gift guide, with every pick approved by our team of expert editors

Every single one of these perfumes is a hit

Fragrance Christmas Gift Guide
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Trust us, team Marie Claire UK totally understand how difficult it is to buy fragrance gifts for Christmas. Truthfully, it's hard enough settling on the best perfume to buy for yourself, let alone trying to buy a fragrance for someone else. We get it—perfume is personal, and it's easy to make the wrong choice.

That being said, however, there's no doubt that perfume is up there with the ultimate Christmas gifts. Whether your giftee prefers floral perfumes, woody fragrances or skin scents, luckily for you, our in-house team of editors and experts have spent their careers testing out the best perfumes in existence. As a result, we know exactly what perfumes are good enough to please, well, everyone. In our expert opinion, not a single one of the perfumes on this list could be deemed divisive—making this a tight edit of the ultimate perfume Christmas gifts.

So, without further ado, these are the 30 perfumes that are guaranteed to put you in your loved ones' good books this Christmas...

Best floral perfumes for Christmas

Generally, I don’t gravitate to floral fragrances but I make an exception for the heady, honey-scented lilacs that make up Apotheke's The Dreamer

Natalie Hughes, Fashion Editor

Jo Malone's Wild Bluebell smells like walking through a field of wildflowers, but it still has that Jo-Malone richness that makes it ideal for winter.

Valeza Bakolli, Junior Shopping Editor

Best citrus perfumes for Christmas

Victoria Beckham's Portofino '97 is like driving along the clifftops of Portofino in an old Aston Martin with the roof down, while the juicy aroma of surrounding citrus trees fills the air.

Shannon Lawlor, Executive Beauty Editor

Best skin scents for Christmas

I just love Escentric Molecules Molecule 02—it's a scent that goes with everything. I like layering my scents, and it just adds a new dimension to every fragrance I already adore.

Sunil Makan, Editor

Best earthy perfumes for Christmas

Øthers isn't your typical fragrance brand—it's like a whole makeover for your senses. Mystic Zingaro is a balance of warmth and freshness, like a walk in a forest with resins, woods and a smoky backdrop of incense.

Lisa Oxenham, Beauty & Style Director