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Estee Lauder Jet-lag_Thumb

5 Jet-Lag Beauty Busters

Travelling across time zones plays havoc with our body clocks and long haul flights leave us feeling dehydrated, bloated and sluggish. The result? We arrive bleary-eyed, spending the first few days feeling like the hangover from hell is slowly descending. Well, not any more… here’s how to look jet-set rather than jet-lagged so you get your holiday off to a brilliant start


Irene Kim: The Name You Need To Know

We're pretty stoked about Irene Kim's recent beauty signing and are eager to know every beauty tip she's got up her high fashion sleeve.

Behind The Ink

Behind The Ink

Tattooed women are subject to scrutiny all over the globe, but we're calling time on the stereotypes surrounding inked women, right here, right now with our exclusive mini-doc.

Jennifer Lopez Hair

A-List Hair Makeovers

From dramatic crops to colour makeovers spanning the length and breadth of the colour spectrum, we rundown the most headline-grabbing celebrity hair transformations.

Estee Lauder- Bedtime Beauty

Meet Your New Bedtime Beauty Hero

If, like us, you’re juggling early starts with late nights and it’s taking a toll on your skin, then we’re going to let you into a little secret.

Alexa Chung with ombre hair

Ombre Hair: The Sunkissed Hairstyle The A-List Loves

Ombre is one colour choice that's still going strong - over five years since it first hit the scene. Check out our favourite celebrity styles, long and short, as well as brown, blonde and redhead. Tempted?


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