Housewives as happy as working women

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  • A new Government survey reveals housewives are as content with life as career women

    A Government survey undermines the long-held assumption that it’s better for women to get out of the house and work.


For decades it has been assumed that women who stay at home will be disatisfied and bored, but a survey – part of David Cameron’s campaign to measure wellbeing – shows that housewives are just as satisfied with their lives as career-driven women.


Of the 800,000 respondents, the average individual recorded their life satisfaction at 7.4, their life value at 7.6, and personal happiness at 7.3.

    Those living in households with children rated life as more worthwhile than those without, which suggests women get as much, if not more, fulfilment from being housewives as holding down a successful career.

    The report, drawn up by the Office for National Statistics, says: ‘The presence of children may bring an increased sense of meaning and purpose to people’s lives, therefore increasing average scores for the “worthwhile'” question.’

    Considering the findings show people struggle most with fears associated with jobs and living costs, it may not come as a surprise that housewives record their life satisfaction at 7.9.


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