Women to give birth at 100?

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  • Will women be able to give birth aged 100 in 30 years time?

    Women who are 100 years old will be able to give birth within three decades, scientists have predicted.

    The revelatory forecast means that infertility will be eliminated within 30 years, making way for a world where every grown woman – of any age – could conceive and carry a baby to full term.

    Techniques are in development by scientists who plan to create sperm and eggs from skin cells and unite them to form embryos.

    Couples would be able to opt for a ‘designer’ baby, choosing characteristics like hair colour, height, intelligence and disease-free genes.

    Leading scientists made the predictions in science journal, Nature. Davor Solter, of the Institute of Biology in Singapore, said: ‘It means every person regardless of age will be able to have children. Newborn children could have children and 100-year-olds could have children. It could easily happen in the next 30 years.’

    Further fertility predictions that scientists have made include artificial wombs being used for gestation and low-cost IVF treatment at £50 per cycle.

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