Women have healthier diets

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  • Women healthier of the sexes when it comes to diet

    Women are altogether healthier than their male counterparts with new research revealing men prefer meat and women opt for fruit and vegetables.

    Researchers have discovered that women are in fact programmed to choose a healthier diet. The study of over 14,000 Americans showed favourites such as duck, veal and ham are high up on men’s menus and they are also more likely to eat shellfish like shrimp and oysters.

    Women, however, prefer to have vegetables on their dinner plate, especially carrots and tomatoes and will always opt for fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples.

    The study found women are also more likely to choose dry foods including almonds and walnuts and also eat more eggs and yoghurts than men.

    However, there were a few surprises with news that women adore fresh burgers, while men prefer frozen ones and are much more likely to eat asparagus and Brussels sprouts.

    Men are also more likely to risk food poisoning and are happier eating undercooked burgers and runny eggs. Women are apparently more likely to eat alfalfa sprouts.

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