Tiredness is way of life, say 60% of working mothers

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  • Pressures of career and raising children means 'tiredness a way of life' for busy women

    THE COMBINED PRESSURES of a career, bringing up children and running a home leaves women in their thirties exhausted, a recent survey reveals.

    A study carried out by a leading health magazine reveals women feel it’s their ‘hardest decade’ and admit to feeling stressed, missing meals and skipping sleep.

    According to the study, these increased pressures are putting our health at risk.

    About 85% of those polled said they ‘frequently feel tired’, and 59% of these ‘feel tired all the time. Only 25% regularly get seven or eight hours sleep a night, while 75% were ‘lucky if they get six hours’ – 40% of these usually slept less than six hours a night.

    And eating habits were no better, with 31% admitting to snacking all the time and 78% saying they didn’t have enough time to eat properly.

    ‘When thirtysomething women say they are ‘tired and stressed out of their minds’, they probably are,’ Marina Crook, editor of Top Sante magazine, which carried out the research, tells the Daily Mail.

    ‘Tiredness and stress are the ailments of our age and combined with a poor diet they cause low immunity and ill-health.

    ‘Sit-down family meals are no longer the norm, particularly during the working week. But women need to find time to relax and eat a healthy diet to be able to juggle the demands of work, motherhood and their busy, stressful lives.’

    The study also revealed that a bad diet and hectic lifestyles mean most women in their thirties and forties regularly get headaches, chest infections, heart palpitations or eczema. ‘Nearly all these ailments are due to tiredness, stress and immunity,’ Marina added. ‘Thirty and fortysomething women have so many demands on their plate it’s essential they find time to eat a more nutritionally balanced diet.

    ‘Because they rely on snacks like sugary biscuits and salty crisps to get through the day, they feel even more tired and stressed.’

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