The workout boosting diet

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  • Get your workout working overtime by eating foods to refuel


    PRE WARM-UP Try black coffee without sugar and a small slice of wholemeal toast with nut butter – but leave at least 45 minutes after eating to avoid getting a stitch.

    POST EXERCISE Eating now is a must. Directly after your workout, your body needs some fast-releasing carbs. Healthy choices include poached or boiled eggs, and low-fat yogurt. Enjoy jam on wholemeal or multigrain toast, or add a ripe banana to your porridge.


    PRE WARM-UP Eat a snack 90 minutes before exercise. Toast and nut butter or crispbread and cottage cheese are good choices. Drink plenty of water, too. If you’re going for a run, take along an energy-providing fluid.

    POST EXERCISE Try eating your lunch in two halves during the afternoon. Choose

    a combination of several proteins with fruit and vegetables, and add a small portion of starchy carbs and munch green vegetables such as cucumber and broccoli.


    PRE WARM-UP Resist the mid-afternoon sugar urge, but do eat a strategic snack. Try a ginseng tea and a bio yogurt, or a handful of unsalted nuts.

    POST EXERCISE Drink water or milk – a great source of calcium, which is important for weight management. It is vital to eat within a two-hour window of your workout. Include vegetables, fruit, essential fats and protein, and try to have a range of different colours on your plate.

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