The Bodyclock Experiment: Week One

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  • The battle to beat SAD begins in Emma Sibbles' first week with the Lumie Bodyclock

    Once I’d mastered the art of working the Lumie Bodyclock, I thought I was ready to try it out. I set the buzzer alarm just in case I wasn’t woken by the gradual light (it had been a long day) and for good measure I set the sunset as well.

    I found the sunset function to be really relaxing. I set it for half an hour and had low-level white noise playing. I sometimes find it hard to switch off and fall asleep and this was really relaxing. The white noise means you can’t focus on anything like traffic from outside or noisy neighbours and the diminishing light gradually tires you and allows you to drift off. Both noise and light have gone after half an hour. I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

    The next morning I woke about 15 minutes into the 30-minute sunrise. And it was nothing like the abrupt shock of the alarm going off. It felt more natural and meant I was much less grumpy than usual.

    As well as using the Bodyclock I have been making the most of my lunch hours and getting outside in the fresh air and seeing daylight and sun (when there is some). I still feel tired but I’m hoping that the longer I use it, the better I’ll feel.

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