Study proves success of Atkins diet

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  • Is the controversial Atkins diet making a comeback?

    It was the biggest diet phenomenon of the early noughties with stars from Jennifer Aniston to Geri Haliwell following the Atkins diet and now it seems the low-carb, high protein weight loss plan is making a comeback.

    A new study has proved that the controversial Atkins diet – which at its peak saw around three million Britons follow its mantra – is just as effective at losing weight as a conventional low-fat diet.

    Overweight volunteers who stuck to the low-carb regime, renowned for its high consumption of red meat, shed more pounds on the Atkins than they did on a standard calorie-controlled diet.

    Scientists said a Mediterranean diet incorporating vegetables, fibre, white meat and fish was also just as effective and safe.

    Lead researcher, Dr Iris Shai, made the point that different diet plans suit different individuals: ‘There is not one diet that is ideal for everyone. We believe that this study will open clinical medicine to considering low-carb and Mediterranean diets as safe, effective alternatives for patients, based on personal preference and the medical goals set out for such intervention.

    Devised by US heart doctor, Robert Atkins, the Atkins diet lost appeal following fears it could heighten the risk of heart disease and kidney problems.

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