Skipping breakfast means weight gain

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  • Skipping breakfast is not the way to lose weight say experts

    You may still believe that skipping breakfast will help shed the pounds, but the age-old adage ‘it’s the most important meal of the day’ still stands.

    A new US study of 2,000 teenagers revealed that those who missed breakfast weighed about 5lbs (2.3kg) more than those who ate first thing in the morning.

    Even when breakfast-eaters ate more calories during the course of the day, they still maintained lower weights.

    The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, adds to the growing evidence that those who eat breakfast every day are more slender than those who do not.

    ‘It may seem counter-intuitive,’ said head researcher Mark Pereira. ‘But while they ate more calories, they did more to burn those off, and that may be because those who ate breakfast did not feel so lethargic.’

    Around 25% of the group studied who missed breakfast were young women who worried about weight gain.

    Tam Fry, chairman of the Child Growth Foundation at the National Obesity Forum said: ‘The real problem is the profusion of messages about obesity. We need to make clear that eating regular meals is vital – and that a proper breakfast is very important.’

    She added: ‘If you eat well first thing, you’ll feel brighter, you’ll have more get up and go – and that will mean you’ll expend more energy.’

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