Resisting chocolate just makes you want it more

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  • Why resisting chocolate could just make you fatter

    RESISTING CHOCOLATE COULD make you fatter, claim psychologists, who have discovered that trying to stop thinking about sweet treats just make us want them more.

    Dieters with a more relaxed attitude to chocolate are likely to eat 50% less of it than those who plan to ban it altogether, a new survey – dubbed Resistance Can Be Futile – has found.

    ‘The act of avoidance seems to completely backfire,’ notes psychologist Dr James Erskine, of the University of Hertfordshire.

    ‘We found that if you try not to think about eating chocolate, it tends to lead you to eat more. In other words, thinking about chocolate is not dangerous – but trying not to think about it is.’

    However, the same can’t be said of men, who are either less prone to the ‘rebound effect’ or maybe just better at exercising willpower.

    ‘It seems to be most prevalent when people are trying to suppress something they see as problematic,’ adds Dr Erskine.

    ‘It could just be that women see eating chocolate as more of a problem than men.

    ‘We now need to find ways to help women change their behaviour rather than just telling them not to eat things.’

    Make mine a Twix.

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