Relationships making us fat

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  • How much weight did you gain in your last relationship?

    A new study claims the average woman’s weight fluctuates by up to two stone during a relationship.

    According to, many of us lose weight at the beginning of a relationship, then gain weight again as we become more ‘comfortable’. After that, there’s a quick diet pre-wedding, weight gain if we get pregnant, weight loss again afterwards and then possibly more weight loss when our children get older and we have more time to dedicate to our appearance.  

    Despite the obvious generalisations, more than 3,000 women took part in the survey and 70% of those agreed it was their relationship which contributed most to their wellbeing (25% thought their partner would no longer fancy them if they put on weight).

    ‘Our emotions and relationships have an enormous effect on our health and above all our weight,’ Slendex’s Jane McCadden said.

    ‘The definite periods in a women’s life that sees their weight rise and fall all link directly to new chapters in their love life or family status.’

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    The Honeymoon Period – average weight loss 5.3lbs
    Women lose weight as they attempt to impress their new man

    The Comfort Zone – average weight gain 10lbs
    Cosy nights in together spell wider waistbands

    The Big Day – average weight loss 8lbs
    Anything to get into the perfect wedding dress

    Baby Boom – average weight gain 14.3lbs
    There’s little time for healthy eating when you’re looking after young ones

    The Reinvention – average weight loss 10.4lbs
    The midlife makeover

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