Pill use affects boyfriend choice

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  • Is taking the pill stopping you finding Mr Right?

    Is taking the pill stopping you finding Mr Right?

    A new study claims women who take the contraceptive pill are attracted to different men to those who don’t.

    Why? Well, it’s all down to our sense of smell. Taking the pill affects the scents we’re attracted to and with scent playing such a big part in the relationship process, scientists are now worried about the long-term affects the pill could have on relationships and even our ability to reproduce.

    Clearly we’re not talking about whether your beloved prefers Obsession to CKOne.

    It is generally agreed that women are drawn to men with immune system genes which are different to their own, something we are able to tell from their natural body odour.

    However, if the pill distorts this, we could end up with a man with similar genes, leading (in a worst-case scenario) to fertility problems further down the road.

    In a study of 100 women, individuals were asked to smell six different body odour samples from different men. The results before and after taking the pill varied widely.

    Lead researcher, Dr Craig Roberts, tells the BBC: ‘It could ultimately lead to the breakdown of relationships when women stop using the contraceptive pill, as odour perception plays a significant role in maintaining attraction to partners.’

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