New doctors put off by anti-abortion climate

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  • The British Pregnancy Advisory Service fears the anti-abortion climate will deter a new generation of doctors

    High profile anti-abortion campaigns are likely to put off new doctors from becoming involved in abortion services.

    The current climate is already causing doctors anxiety as they worry their practice and advice will be called into question.

    Pro-choice campaigners and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) say they feel under siege after the Care Quality Commission inspections of over 250 clinics in England.

    ‘Abortion is a vital yet stigmatised area of women’s healthcare which few doctors train in,’ say the BPAS.

    ‘The current politicisation of abortion provision is likely to make it harder to recruit a future generation of abortion doctors.’

    Few doctors are trained to carry out late terminations, yet the small minority of women who come for them are in the greatest distress.

    ‘Women who come for late terminations are often the most vulnerable, they included women who have been raped, cases of incest and women with difficult relationships that can include violence,’ says gynecologist Wendy Savage.

    Women need to have access to specialists who can advise and treat them in such cases.


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