More tea = fewer heart attacks

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  • Fancy a cuppa? Why drinking four cups of tea a day is the fast route to better health

    We know green tea is good for our health, but, did you know your regular PG Tips also has plenty of health benefits?

    A new round of research has discovered that the nation’s favourite drink not only prevents against heart attacks, but can improve your mood and strengthen bones.

    ‘The clearest evidence points to an association between tea consumption, in excess of three cups per day, and a reduced risk of a heart attack,’ Dr Carrie Ruxton of the Tea Advisory Panel, explains.

    Ruxton, a dietician, and her team looked at a number of previous studies to come to their conclusion and says it’s the natural plant antioxidants in black tea which help the body. (Oh, and she says adding milk doesn’t weaken the health benefits, either.)

    ‘There is also emerging evidence that older women, who are most at risk of brittle bones, increased their bone density if they drank more than four cups a day,’ she continues.

    ‘It is clear tea is worthy of further research and, in the meantime, can be enjoyed within the optimal intake range of three to eight cups a day.’

    Time to put the kettle on, then!

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