Magnolia bark cure for bad breath

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  • Ate too much garlic last night? Chew on some Magnolia bark

    Magnolia bark is being heralded as the weapon in the fight against bad breath.

    Ate too much garlic last night? Well, this could be the cure.

    Wrigleys has discovered that adding Magnolia bark extract to its chewing gum and mints actually kills the bacteria which causes bad breath, rather than simply masking the smell.

    In fact, in a study of nine volunteers, 61% of all germs which create bad breath were killed within 30 minutes for those who took the magnolia-laced mints, while the gum chewers had similar results, although over a slightly longer period of time.

    The bad news? Garlic lovers in the UK will have to wait a bit longer before they can get their hands on the mints and gum, which both go on sale in America first.

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