Cut calories with sweets in wrappers and nuts in shells

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  • Cut calories by 40% just by buying sweets in wrappers and nuts in shells, claim researchers

    Eating nuts in shells and sweets in wrappers could guilt snackers into eating 40% less, a new study says.

    Scientists believe that seeing a pile of empty shells or wrappers acts as a visual reminder of how much the consumer has scoffed, encouraging them to eat less.

    In an experiment dubbed the ‘Pistachio Effect’ scientists gave 140 student volunteers an equal amount of nuts each before they went into lessons. Half were given shelled pistachios whilst the rest were given nuts still in their shells.

    Those given the shelled nuts ate an average 211 calories while those who had to open the shells consumed an average 125 calories, a decrease of 41%.

    The researchers from the Eastern Illinois University, said the results could partly be due to the inconvenience of de-shelling the nuts but study leader James Painter added: ‘When leftover pistachio shells remained on the desk throughout the day, calorie consumption decreased compared to when nutshells were routinely removed.

    ‘Choosing in-shell pistachios instead of shelled nuts is a simple way to decrease calorie consumption without restriction.’


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