Being fat triggers one in 20 womens’ cancer cases

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  • Being overweight triggers up to one in 20 cancer cases in women

    CARRYING EXTRA WEIGHT is the trigger behind at least 6,000 cases of cancer in older women each year, a study has found.

    Researchers say excessive weight is linked to a significant increase in the risk of cancer for ten out of 17 types of the disease, with two-thirds of cases involving womb or breast cancer.

    This could mean that being fat causes one in 20 out of 120,000 cases of cancer each year among post-menopausal women.

    Findings from the study carried out by Cancer Research UK follow last week’s report from World Cancer Research Fund last week warning of the hidden dangers of obesity.

    It found that being overweight can cause six types of common cancer.

    Chief researcher Dr Gillian Reeves, from Oxford University, told the Daily Mail: ‘Based on our findings, we estimate that being overweight or obese accounts for around 6,000 out of a total 120,000 new cases of cancer each year among middle-aged and older women in the UK.

    ‘Our research also shows that being overweight has a much bigger impact on the risk of some cancers than others.

    ‘Two-thirds of the additional 6,000 cancers each year due to excess weight or obesity would be cancers of the womb or breast.’

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