Are Shape-Ups the new toning trainer?

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  • Ignore the style doubters - Shape-Ups will get you into that new season LBD in no time

    Can Skechers Shape-Ups rival the original MBTs for super-toning fast? Kate Matharu finds out…

    There’s no denying it; when the Skechers Shape-Ups hit my desk, a look of horror pervaded from the rest of the team. ‘You CANNOT wear those in public!’ came the chorus from the stylistas.

    I, however, beg to differ. I’m not one for trainer-wearing outside of the fitness regime, but in plain white, the Shape-Ups can be easily disguised with a long pair of flared jeans.

    And that is how I decided to style them. Walking to and from work, hidden under trousers and then reserved for weekend wear, steadily these wonder shoes have started to make their mark. And, frankly, my life would be incomplete without them.

    Ignoring the distorted face from my husband upon witnessing the unusual trainer shape and an exclamation of ‘Seriously, what?’, I hit the local park and have power-walked my way around ever since.

    Don’t expect to get overnight results – aside from a rather aching derriere perhaps. Give these shoes two weeks of dedication and you’ll start to catch a glimpse of your changing body shape when you walk past the mirror in the morning.

    Despite the paranoia of toppling over in these see-saw shoes (not for the seasick amongst you), the body transformation is significant.

    With the promise of promoting weight loss, toning muscles and improving posture without going to the gym, Shape-Ups have got a lot riding on them – other than me tottering around in them. However, my calves, hamstrings and backside have all tightened up and I’ve ditched the gym altogether.

    Ignore the doubters out there. They may not be about to win any sartorial awards, but Shape-Ups will help get you into that new season LBD in no time.

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