Alcohol boosts male libido

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  • Study says booze improves male performance between the sheets

    Encourage your man to crack open a beer, or four, tonight after new research proves alcohol gives men a boost in the bedroom.

    That’s right, it may go against all your better judgement, but according to the latest study ‘brewer’s droop’ is something of a myth and male performance in the bedroom is actually boosted by a tipple or two.

    The study of 1,580 Australian men found those who had relied on a little Dutch courage had 30% fewer issues between the sheets than teetotallers.

    While we can’t quite believe it ourselves, the study claims even binge drinkers have a lower rate of erectile dysfunction than those who abstained altogether.

    The key, apparently, is to keep a steady flow of alcohol running through the veins; men who drank four drinks a day for up to five days a week were most successful at satisfying their partner.

    The weaker groups were drinkers who had gone teetotal, smokers and those suffering from heart disease.

    So if you’re in any doubt, the Aussie experts say if a man is underperforming, there’s no justification that the alcohol is to blame.

    ‘These findings suggest a favourable association between low-risk drinking and positive erectile function,’ it says.


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