15 minutes to treat breast tumours

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  • The fifteen-minute technique to treat breast tumours

    Women who have a lump in their breast may soon be able to have it removed in their lunch hour, using a new procedure.

    The painless technique will take 15 minutes to remove benign tumours, using a new technology which avoids invasive surgery.

    The practice requires making a 3mm cut to insert a thin probe which freezes and kills the tumour.

    According to Dr Keith Turner, one of the team who developed the procedure, the new treatment means no stitches or scarring and no long recovery period. Until now the removal of benign lumps has required surgery under general anaesthetic and can take three days to completely recover.

    He commented: ‘It means a woman diagnosed with a non-cancerous breast tumour can pop into her doctor’s surgery, receive treatment and get on with her day in less time than it takes to do the weekly shop.

    The new breast treatment is already used in hospitals to treat prostate, liver and lung problems. The technology is currently being tested in America and it is hoped will then be implemented in Britain.

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