15 fail-safe Christmas gifts for mum that she’ll actually love

My mum always ‘borrows’ these gifts from me, so I know she’ll actually use them

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Mums deserve only the greatest of presents; it's what makes shopping for the best Christmas gifts for mum so tricky. The best gifts are things that they'll need—and actually use—and I've cracked the code to find out exactly what that is. 

The best Christmas gifts for mum should be easy to find, as we know them so well, but it somehow never feels that way, especially with so many fantastic new launches this year. One way to know for sure what they really need? What they're always borrowing from you. 

As a shopping expert who can't help but try all the best skincare products, jewellery trends and best self care products, my home has become my mum's go-to place to raid. So much so, that these 12 products she borrows from my stash have led people to believe she's my sister. So, in the spirit of sharing, it's time to treat her to products of her own. 

Keep scrolling for a list of Christmas gifts for mum they will want to open on Christmas morning, aka everything I noticed my mum borrows from me—and that scarf I borrowed from her and forgot to return.

The best Christmas gifts for mum she'll adore just as much as you do

Struggling for Christmas gift ideas this year? We've got you covered. Here at Marie Claire UK, we've rounded up the best Christmas gifts for her, stocking filler ideas and self-care gifts. Plus, Christmas gifts for him (that we secretly want too) and gifts for hosts. But first, arguably one of the most important gifts, the best Christmas gifts for mum (that she will actually use).

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