These are the self care products Marie Claire Editors genuinely use every single day

Treat yourself.

Best self care products from Papier, Desmond and Dempsey and more
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We all know a bit of self care is as important as daily movement and nutrient-dense food for boosting your mood. Whether it's reading a good book, meditating, or turning your phone off an hour before bedtime, one 2021 study found self care improves general wellbeing, lowers stress levels, and even lowers your healthcare costs.

That said, finding the best self care products is no easy feat, especially as what works for you might not work for the next person.

When you hear self care, you probably think of bergamot-scented candles, bubble baths and face masks, but the possibilities are endless - after all, the best self care ideas are those that make you feel your best self. 

Stuck for ideas? We've asked the Marie Claire UK Editors to share their go-to products and they've really delivered, sharing recommendations for a range of mood-boosting investments spanning cosy pyjamas to wellness journals. 

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Best self care products: 16 Editor-approved investments to boost your mood

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