I asked 11 beauty editors what the best skincare products of 2023 are so far—these are the ones that made the cut

They're best in class

Skin Rocks Cream Cleanser, Naturium Moisturiser, Ultra Violette SPF
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The stream of the best new beauty launches dropping daily, it can be impossible to know what is and isn’t worth buying (though the monthly Marie Claire UK Beauty Desk Drop column is a great place to start). Despite being a beauty editor myself, armed with plenty of knowledge, if I’m considering a new purchase, the first place I consult is my trusted group of beauty journalist friends. Since we—quite literally—try products for a living, we know which new products nailed it at launch and which missed the mark. So, on my mission to determine the best skincare products of 2023, I knew I had to turn to them for their insights.

When it comes to skincare, well, that’s even more difficult to know what to buy. With skin type, condition, goals and budgets to take into consideration—plus the fact that results with skincare aren't instant so it's difficult to gauge what works— I understand that it gets overwhelming. 

But the launches so far this year have been really good, with some fantastic products landing on our desks, and we want to shout about them. To give you the lowdown on newness in skincare this year, I asked some fellow beauty editors what their favourite 2023 skin launch was—here's what they said...

Lucy Partington, freelance beauty journalist 

Lucy Partington - Best skincare products 2023

(Image credit: Lucy Partington )

Nateisha Scott, beauty editor 

Nateisha Scott - Best Skincare 2023

(Image credit: Nateisha Scott)

Grace Day, beauty editor and aesthetician

Best skincare 2023

(Image credit: Grace Day)

Ata-owaji Victor, freelance beauty journalist 

Best skincare products 2023

(Image credit: Ata-Owaji Victor)

Lucy Abbersteen, freelance beauty journalist 

Best skincare products 2023: Lucy Abbersteen

(Image credit: Lucy Abbersteen)

Vanese Maddix, freelance beauty journalist

Best skincare 2023: Vanese Maddix

(Image credit: Vanese Maddix)

Mica Ricketts, freelance beauty editor

Best skincare 2023: Mica Ricketts

(Image credit: Mica Ricketts)

Amerley Ollennu, freelance beauty and lifestyle editor

Best skincare 2023: Amerley Ollennu

(Image credit: Amerley Ollennu)

Zeynab Mohamed, freelance beauty journalist 

Best skincare 2023: Zeynab Mohamed

(Image credit: Zeynab Mohamed)

Mollie Burdell, freelance beauty journalist 

Best skincare 2023: Molly Burdell

(Image credit: Mollie Burdell)

Tori Crowther, freelance health and beauty journalist 

Best skincare 2023: Tori Crowther

(Image credit: Tori Crowther)

Shannon Lawlor, Acting Senior Beauty Editor, Marie Claire UK

Shannon Lawlor

(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)