Jadie Troy-Pryde

Jadie Troy-Pryde

News Editor

Jadie Troy-Pryde is News Editor, covering celebrity and entertainment, royal, lifestyle and viral news. 

Jadie started her career at Marie Claire UK in 2018 when she joined the team as the Lifestyle and Social Media Editor, writing news and lifestyle features while managing the brands social channels and strategy. In 2022, she became the site’s News Editor and writes about everything from the latest dating show to politics to the seasonal Starbucks menus - all while overseeing a team of brilliant writers. 

While her day-to-day generally revolves around daily news reporting, she can also be found testing unique experiences like spooning circles and orgasm workshops, committing to sweaty fitness challenges to see what all the fuss is about, or jetting off to find the best cocktails in Beverly Hills.

During her time at the University of Sussex studying English Literature and Drama, she blagged her way into a job as a theatre and music reviewer for the local paper and headed the university’s creative writing club. After graduating, she spent a year working as an intern for as many magazines as would take her before moving to Australia and travelling for almost three years. When she got back to the UK, she qualified as an NCTJ accredited journalist at News Associates and quickly landed her first job in the industry. 

Jadie went on to work for a number of women’s fashion and lifestyle titles, including Grazia, Women’s Health and Stylist, and while there have been some incredible career highlights over the years (interviewing celebrities and reviewing boujee destinations) she has also embarrassed herself many times, whether it was impromptu beatboxing in front of a confused Disney star or hosting an awkward Facebook Live while making a milkshake.

For the last four years, she has happily been a part of the MC UK team, and when she’s not using her year 12 touch typing skills to pump out content at an impressive speed, she is blaming Mercury in retrograde for her problems, watching Les Miserables with a hangover, or travelling. She would be the perfect addition to any pub quiz team thanks to her impressive knowledge of the royal family, celebrity gossip and ability to decipher anagrams.

Follow Jadie on Instagram @jadietp and Twitter @jadietp or get in touch with any enquiries.

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