Women win right to children without fathers

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  • MPs vote against need for father and reducing abortion time limit

    Single women and lesbian couples won ground-breaking parental rights yesterday as MPs voted to scrap laws making clinics consider the need for a ‘father and mother’ before allowing to opt for IVF treatment.

    Instead, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill will change to a ‘need for supportive parenting’.

    Current laws dictates that IVF clinics must consider the ‘welfare’ of any child created, taking into account the need for a father.

    However, now the government has voted for the focus to be on ‘supportive parenting’. MPs also voted against the need for a ‘father or a male role model’ before fertility treatment.

    MPs have also voted against proposals to reduce the abortion time limit, meaning it will remain at 24 weeks.

    In a series of votes, the government rejected options ranging from 12 to 22 weeks.

    One Tory MP, Nadine Dorries, proposed a 20-week limit, saying a baby’s rights should be considered at the point it had the ‘chance of life’.

    However pro-choice campaigners claimed there was no evidence of an improval in survival rates.

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