Women wear too much make-up at work

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  • One in three boses think their female employees are wearing far too much make-up in the office

    It’s good to make an effort for work, but a survey by officebroker.com reveals more than a third of bosses believe women are wearing too much make-up in the office.

    Bright red lips, smokey eyes and too much blusher were found to be the biggest faux pas, with 32 per cent of managers saying strong lipstick colours are too much for the office.

    The poll of 500 male and female bosses found 28 per cent dislike over made-up eyes and 15 per cent think too much blusher is a turn-off. However, 12 per cent of bosses say they like women to wear a moderate amount of make-up to work.

    ‘Most of us try to look our best at work but sometimes people may go over the top to impress,’ says an officebroker.com spokesman.

    ‘As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person likes, another may well hate, but the common theme was that less really was more when it comes to professional appearance.’


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