Will Hillary Clinton still make it to the White House?

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  • Rumours hit Hillary Clinton could replace Obama's number two

    Rumours abound that Hillary Clinton could still make it to the White House as Barack Obama’s number two, if his running mate Joe Biden drops out because of health reasons.

    US internet sites are buzzing with the news that Joe Biden, who had surgery ten years for two brain aneurysms, could drop out of the race after the vice presidential debates take place on 2 October, leaving the position open for Mrs Clinton to step up.

    Commentators say the huge interest surrounding John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin has prompted a rethink in the Democratic camp, however most are putting the reports down to internet gossip.

    The Obama campaign set up a website named Fight the Smears to suppress any damaging internet rumours, however the very fact that they have not addressed the latest reports has fuelled speculation.

    Another website, Snopes.com which dissects the political rumours from the truth has said these latest claims are ‘undetermined’.

    The only statement Obama’s camp have released is to say that Biden’s medical records will be released shortly.

    Biden has been responsible for a number of gaffes in the last two weeks, including admitting his own ad campaign was ‘terrible’ in a CBS news interview and at one stage even acknowledged that Hillary Clinton may have been a safer bet for Obama’s vice president position.

    However Democratic supporters have rejected the claims that Biden may be dropped. Democratic strategist Bob Beckel commented: ‘It’s crazy…it’s just not going to happen.’ And said any change at this stage ‘would be so disruptive’.

    Obama has stood firm on his decision to install Biden as his number two, telling NBC’s Today Show on Tuesday this week: ‘Joe Biden is also an outstanding public servant and I am very proud of the choice that I made.’ He added that he’s a ‘great admirer of Senator Clinton’s’ and hopes she will remain ‘a close adviser’.


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