Why women are unhappy

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  • Stats show we become less happy year by year

    American statistics show that despite huge gains in achieving equality with men, women are less happy than they were 40 years ago. They are also less happy than men.

    The United States General Social Survey, which questions American men and women on their happiness levels, reports that nearly all women – whether married or single, with children or without, working or not – are less happy than in 1972.

    This should come as no surprise, says Russell Bishop, writing on the Huffington Post.

    Bishop, a psychologist and executive coach with 30 years experience of working with individual men and women, says that of course women are more unhappy.

    “I have found that many people seem to suffer from the illusion that happiness … is the result of accomplishing some goal or acquiring something in the material world,” he writes.

    This “illusion”, he says, has been exacerbated for women by the opportunities available to them. “If you who took on job, career or economic goals as your ‘symbols’ of success, you just might have wound up sacrificing what mattered most in hopes of greener pastures at the other end of job, career or economic goals.”

    The result is that we have a tendency to defer happiness until we have achieved our goals, he says.

    Bishop gives women two tips to live a happier life. “Live in the present,” he says, and “learn to accept and cooperate with what is.”


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