Why the last chocolate tastes the best

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  • Knowing a box of chocolates is about to end really does make you enjoy the taste more, according to a new study

    Does the last Rolo always seem to taste best? Researchers at the University of Michigan have confirmed that when people know an experience is about to end, they actually enjoy it more.

    In their study, 52 people were given five small chocolates and asked to rate their flavour. When the participants were told that a chocolate would be their last, they found the chocolates tastier.

    Researcher Ed O’Brien, who led the study, claims this is because we think to ourselves, ‘I might as well reap the benefits of this experience’ or ‘I want to get something out of this while I still can.’

    ‘When you simply tell people something is the last, they might like that thing more,’ he says.

    ‘Many experiences have happy endings – from the movies we watch to dessert at the end of a meal – so many people have a general expectation that things end well.’

    But he warns that the findings could impact negatively in other areas of our lives, for example, candidates interviewing first for a job may be viewed less favourably than those who are seen last.


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