Why men marry younger women

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  • The real reason why men like to marry younger women

    Scientists have discovered the reason why men like to marry women who are years younger than themselves: they have more children.

    A study published today has shown that men prefer younger women because of their high fertility, which makes it more likely that their family line will continue.

    Meanwhile, women are attracted to older men for their wealth and higher social status, which makes them good providers for their children.

    The Hollywood couple Michael Douglas, 63, who married a much younger Catherine Zeta Jones, 38, are a prime example of such a union.

    Although the results might seem obvious, this is the first time studies have been done to prove them.

    Dr Samuli Helle, the scientist behind the research, studied the nomadic Sami – or ‘reindeer people’ – of Finland to test the findings.

    He found that the men who married women who were nearly 15 years younger had the highest number of children who survived into adulthood.

    ‘Young Sami women were the most fertile, whereas older Sami men had acquired enough skills needed for successful hunting, fishing and reindeer herding and, most importantly, wealth to be good providers and thus desirable mates,’ he said.

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