We DO like Mondays – but hate Wednesdays

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  • Analysis of Twitter messages reveals mid-week blues

    Wednesday is the unhappiest day of the week according to a new survey in the US.

    Mathematicians at the University of Vermont studied 2.4 million blogs and messages on Twitter over the last four years.

    They found that Monday is in fact the second happiest day, as memories of the weekend are still fresh, while the happiest day of the week is Sunday, as people were feeling positive about their Saturday nights.

    By Wednesday, mid-week blues set in as memories of the weekend fade and work takes over.

    Professors Peter Dodds and Christopher Danforth said that by analysing blogs they were able to observe people in an environment where they were likely to be honest.

    Words were scored on a negative to positive scale from one to nine. Words such as ‘triumphant’, ‘paradise’ and ‘love’ were given very high scores, whereas ‘trauma’, ‘funeral’ and ‘suicide’ came low on the scale.

    The results showed that Barack Obama’s victory in the US elections was the happiest day in the last four years, while Michael Jackson’s death this year was one of the saddest days.



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