Volvo reveals plug-in-and-go hybrid car

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  • Volvo unveils first plug-in-and-go hybrid car

    Volvo has revealed its first plug-in-and-go hybrid car, which can also switch to petrol power when the battery runs low.

    The car will slash motoring costs and shrink your carbon footprint – after a three-hour charge from a household socket, it will travel pollution-free for 62 miles for under £1.

    The Volvo Recharge also has the advantage over standard electric cars of being switchable to petrol power.

    Other models, such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid, need the petrol engine to charge their batteries and cannot run exclusively on electric power.

    Volvo boasts that its new green machine produces 66% less carbon emissions than the best hybrids available today.

    When 70% of the battery has been used up, the petrol engine cuts in and immediately starts recharging battery cells as well as powering the car. Energy generated from the brake pads also boosts the battery pack.

    It will cost 93p to charge the car from the mains and drive emission-free, giving the equivalent of 1.5p per mile.

    The Volvo Recharger could be on sale in three years at a price of £18,000. Sound expensive? It’ll save money – and the environment – in the long run.

    Magnus Jonsson, of Volvo, tells the Daily Mail: ‘This is a groundbreaking innovation.

    ‘A person driving less than 60 miles per day will rarely need to visit a filling station. It is exceptionally kind to the owner’s wallet.’

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