Squirrels become popular dish

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  • The most ethical Brit dish flying off menus? Squirrel.

    Some refer to them as tree rats, but the common grey squirrel is fast becoming the most ethical dish served up in Britain.

    The new meat is low in fat, low in food miles and completely free range, making it an extremely popular choice with foodies who want to keep their eco-credentials intact.

    Squirrel meat in Cornwall is flying off shelves quicker than hunters can shoot them. ‘We put it on the shelf and it sells. It can be a dozen squirrels a day – and they all go,’ said David Simpson, the director of Kingsley Village shopping centre in Fraddon, Cornwall, who began selling grey squirrel meat at his game counter two months ago.

    ‘People like the fact it is wild meat, low in fat and local – so no food miles,’ added Simpson.

    Some say the £3.50 squirrel tastes like a cross between lamb and duck, others have likened it to wild boar. Butcher David Ridley says: ‘It’s moist and sweet because, basically, its diet has been berries and nuts.’

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