Sexist men earn more

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  • Sexism at work equals bigger pay packet

    It’s not the news we wanted to hear, but according to a new study men who are sexist at work earn more money.

    The macho male – sadly, there’s one in every office – apparently earns what amounts to over £4,500 a year more than their male colleagues who hold a more modern view, say scientists.

    A Florida study of human attitudes quizzed over 12,000 men and women between 1979 and 2005 about their views on male and female roles.

    The group were asked questions about whether a woman’s place was in the home, if employing women led to more juvenile delinquency, and whether the woman should stay at home to look after the home and family.

    Once scientists had excluded outside factors including education, the complexity of a job and the number of hours a person works, scientists discovered that chauvinist men earned on average £4,600 a year more than men who saw women as equal in the workplace.

    The findings, published in the Journal of Applied Pschychology, also revealed that there was only a minor disparity between the wages of like-minded men and women who held more balanced views, but that the wages of sexist men outdid everyone else.

    Lead researcher Timothy Judge concluded: ‘These results cannot be explained by the fact that, in traditional couples, women are less likely to work outside the home.

    ‘Though this plays some role in our findings, our results suggest that even if you control for time worked and labour force participation, traditional women are paid less than traditional men for comparable work.’

    Judge explained that he believed sexist men have historically earned more and wished to keep things that way.

    ‘More traditional people may be seeking to preserve the historical separation of work and domestic roles. Our results prove that is, in fact, the case,’ said Judge.


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