Pre-nup latest wedding must-have

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  • Why even those of us without millions in the bank are demanding pre-nups before we marry

    Paul McCartney thought they were unromantic, but for thousands of normal people (i.e. those of without millions in the bank) pre-nups have become the latest wedding must-have.

    Yes, forget his-and-hers towelling robes, Nigella crockery or Frette linen, pre-nuptial agreements are rapidly becoming an essential part of every couple’s wedding list.

    ‘We are doing lots of them,’ family lawer Maggie Rae told The Observer.

    ‘A large number of people are middle class, middle income and middle asset. They might have grown-up children, been married before and want to make their own arrangements for their life together – and what happens if they separate?’

    Pre-nups aren’t actually legally binding in the UK, however, courts will often take them into consideration when ruling on divorce proceedings.

    Despite the upturn in numbers, not everyone is happy about the trend.

    ‘I think it’s rather sad that people are thinking about the end of their relationship before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground,’ says Denise Knowles, a counsellor from Relate. ‘What is that saying about your attitude towards your partner?

    ‘Financially, there might be an incredible inequality, but does that mean there is an inequality running through the relationship? Is that the idea? You need to be very clear because, emotionally, that can be very damaging.’

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