McCanns relieved as Portugese police re-enact Madeleine abduction

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  • McCanns encouraged as Portugese police re-enact possible abduction

    KATE AND GERRY McCann have received a positive indication that Portugese police believe in their innocence as investigators staged a re-enactment of Maddy’s possible abduction.

    The new head of the investigation, Paulo Rebelo, along with six other policemen, gave a clear indication he was focusing on the idea that Madeleine was kidnapped after returning to the apartment where she disappeared to re-enact a possible abduction.

    Rebelo and his team spent three hours at the apartment where, witnesses say, they seemed to focus on patio doors and windows that abductors could have gained entry through.

    It appeared the officers were checking to see if it was possible to get Madeleine through the window, without the help of an accomplice.

    Rebelo also seemed to be examining possible escape routes. They walked in the direction of Casa Liliana, the villa 100 yards away where the first official suspect, Robert Murat, lives with his mother.

    They also headed towards the beach, suggesting they had not ruled out the possibility that Madeleine was taken by boat.

    It is the first major reconstruction of events since Mr Rebelo – Portugal’s second most senior policeman – took over the case this month.

    A friend of the McCanns told the Daily Mail: ‘Kate and Gerry are very encouraged. They have always insisted Madeleine was taken and want the police to concentrate on finding her. This is a positive step towards that.’

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