Harrods launches luxury chocolates

Would you pay £5,000 for a box of chocolates? (Well, they do come in a platinum-lined box.)

The credit crunch may be affecting the royals, but it clearly doesn’t exist within the luxurious world of Harrods.

The Knightsbridge department store has launched a new collection entitled the High Life: an exclusive range of high-end, and high-price products, which includes a £5,000 box of chocolates.

Made by Lebanese chocolatier Patchi, the decadent box contains 49 hand-wrapped organic chocolates, each topped with Swarowski crystal flowers or a delicate silk rose.

Each luxurious mouthful sits inside a gold and platinum lining, and upon a layer of suede leather.

Speaking to The Telegraph, a spokesperson for the London store explained that there was demand for such a product. ‘A number of our customers have actually asked for a product such as this, which has the ‘wow’ factor,’ Andre Dang explained.

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