Gerry and Kate McCann to be cleared as suspects

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  • McCanns to be cleared as suspects in Madeleine's disappearance

    Good news in the Madeleine investigation: police are set to lift the suspect status from Gerry and Kate. The bad news? They’re also preparing to shelve the search.

    Portugal’s most senior policeman, Alipio Ribeiro, is set to ‘drop’ the nine-month case without accusing any of the named suspects or solving the mystery surrounding her disappearance.

    Ribeiro last week admitted his officers may have rushed into naming Gerry and Kate as suspects, and inside sources say his comments show he is preparing an ‘exit strategy’ to allow the investigation to be filed.

    Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias, reported: ‘In admitting there was haste in making the McCanns arguidos, the national director is preparing public opinion for the possibility of no charges being brought, because of a lack of evidence.’

    The McCann’s spokesman, Clarence Mitcell said: ‘We don’t want the case to be archived in any way. We still believe Madeleine could be alive, so the police must keep an operational inquiry going, looking for a missing person.

    ‘Of course we want Gerry and Kate to be cleared as suspects, but we do not want the police to stop looking for Madeleine.

    ‘We will never give up the search for her.’

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