George Bush pokes fun at himself in final ‘exit interview’

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  • George Bush jokes we 'mis-underestimated' him

    George Bush chose to poke fun at himself in what he described as his final ‘exit interview’ to the press yesterday, by telling journalists at the White House: ‘Sometimes you mis-underestimated me’.

    Harking back to the first of many slip-ups Bush made in office, the President made some more, rather serious remarks about the major disappointments of his presidency, the week before he leaves the White House for good.

    He described the failure to find weapons of mass destruction a ‘significant disappointment’ and admitted another error over the Iraq war, saying ‘some of my rhetoric’ has been ill-advised – referring to his ‘Bring it on!’ phrases on the U.S hunt for terrorists and telling the world he would bring them to justice – ‘dead or alive’.

    However, Mr Bush defended America’s foreign policy, denying he had damaged America’s image abroad. ‘I disagree with this assessment that, you know, that people view America in a dim light,’ he said.

    The Texan concluded the press conference by looking forward to the future President’s reign and calling Barack Obama ‘a smart, engaging person’, yet still warned the President-Elect that a terrorist attack is still the ‘most urgent threat’ any future president could face.

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