Four hugs = happy marriage

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  • The secret to a happy marriage is four hugs a day with your partner, says new survey

    The key to keeping your marriage alive is not expensive gifts or outrageous role-play; it’s sharing just four hugs a day.

    An online poll of 4,000 couples has recently revealed that regularly hugging your hubby can help maintain a healthy relationship.

    Other tips to keep the romance alive included spending at least 22 periods of ‘quality time’ together every month, such as a long walk or dinner for two, and gifts from husbands at least once a month.

    Researchers asked couples who described themselves as ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ how much time they spent together.

    They found that couples looking for the secret ingredient to maintain a marriage should spend at least seven nights in together, with two proper dinner dates every month.

    But you shouldn’t spend all your free time with your other half. The survey also revealed that happy couples strongly advise others to spend at least one evening a month away from their partner.

    So staying out all night with your girlfriends really could be good for relationship!

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