Employee performance improves with smartphone ban

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  • Curbing our obsession with mobiles just one night a week could increase our performance at work

    If you sleep with your mobile under your pillow or constantly check your inbox for texts and emails, you could be jeopardising your performance in the office.

    According to new research, banning yourself from using your smartphone for just one evening a week could improve your happiness and improve your career.

    The study by Harvard Business School found that 26 per cent of the 1,400 employees surveyed sleep with their BlackBerry or iPhone by their bedside.

    The three year study found that out of those who embraced the phone ban one night a week, 78 per cent had greater job satisfaction and their work-life balance was improved.

    Study leader, Professor Leslie Perlow, found that the more time people spent monitoring their phone, the more unpredictable their work seemed to become.

    ‘By being constantly connected to work, they seemed to be reinforcing – and worse, amplifying, the very pressures that caused them to need to be available,’ she says.

    By making one night a week sacrosanct, Professor Perlow says the cycle can be broken enabling people to spend more time with family and enjoying their social lives.


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