China bans all plastic bags

China introduces ban on all plastic bags from June

In a ground-breaking move for the country, China’s government has banned shops from distributing plastic bags from June this year.

The eco-friendly decision to prevent the further spread of pollution will also see a ban on the production of ultra-thin plastic bags, according to a statement from the State Council.

The population will now be encouraged to use baskets and reusable cloth bags to take home their shopping, after growing fears about pollution and environmental damage in China.

The State Council posted information about the initiative on the government website reading: ‘Plastic shopping bags, due to reasons such as excessive use and inefficient recycling, have caused serious energy and resources waste and environment pollution.’

It continued: ‘The super-thin bags have especially become a main source of plastic pollution as they are easy to break and thus disposed of carelessly.’

Shops who break the new ban could face fines or shop goods being confiscated.

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