Businessman abductor and daughter missing

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  • Millionaire father abductor and daughter still missing

    A millionaire father who abducted his daughter during a visit to America, and is now sailing to the Caribbean, is still on the run.

    Seven-year-old Reigh Storrow Boss, who lives in London with her City executive mother, was taken on Sunday during a visit to see her father in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Clark Rockefeller grabbed his daughter and fled in a waiting car. The social worker accompanying the child tried to stop his escape by hanging on to the vehicle and received minor injuries.

    Father and daughter were last seen in New York at Grand Central terminal on Sunday night and authorities now believe the millionaire has fled on a 72-foot yacht, he had moored on Long Island, to Bermuda or Peru.

    Boston police are questioning the unknown driver who whisked the pair away, but initial inquiries have proved difficult as Rockefeller has used at least four aliases and given different stories about his background.

    Some associates knew him as a physicist, some as a mathematician and others were led to believe he worked in financial services.

    The driver, who took the pair from Boston to New York, told police that Rockefeller had been planning the abduction for six months and had invited her to join them on a cruise to Bermuda.

    Superintendent Bruce Holloway, of Boston police, said: ‘The manner in which the child was taken raises serious questions with us. It’s unnerving.’

    Rockefeller’s visit with his daughter was the first time he had seen Reigh since a new visitation order was approved several months ago.

    The millionaire and his wife divorced after 12 years of marriage, living a lavish lifestyle with a home in Boston as well as a holiday home in New Hampshire.

    A spokesman for petrol magnate and philanthropist John D Rockefeller Sr said the man was not a descendant from that side of the wealthy family.

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